19 March 2014 Www.60 quick Archiutti: harmony and simplicity in the office

Hadis, Onda, West: Ambostudio
Fattore Alfa  ambostidio e Grazia Azzolin

Every day we bring our professionalism, personality, values and individuality to the workplace. Cohabitation is a daily challenge and decisions to deal with it are increasingly complex: our choice is always to facilitate the everyday lives at the office.
Today, the debate on open space is still very much alive at the center of the office world: to maintain their privacy, while continuing to share the same space as a source of professional enrichment, it is necessary to rethink alternatives aggregation forms.
In a shared space where it grows together, at the center of the project is the person and the business model is based on collaboration and constant dialogue with others.
We believe that in order to have a harmonious environment which is the result of everyday relationships experienced by employees and managers, transparency is a must, for both words and spaces. The work area lightens and opens to easy furniture and elements of leisure for employees. This creates comfortable work environments in which the quality of the materials and light create an atmosphere of life similar to that of domestic environment.

We have developed our own personal vision of expanding living spaces the range of elements of the already established www.60 system, enriching our partitions system and thus offering greater customization and design, to meet the individual needs and the needs of both space and budget.
The new proposal is www.60 quick a single glass partition that preserves the aesthetic quality and cleanliness of the system and its ability to empathize with the architectural structure. An item that fits easily into any environment with three major advantages in terms of:
- management: allows you to choose the most appropriate option for each requirement,
- time: simplifies installation accelerating the implementation of the project,
- sustainability: reduce the material used,
- style: it keeps the general harmony of the product.

www.60 quick integrates with all the options already offered by www.60 from customizing performance with different types of glass and doors, the ability to compose and divide containers with integrated shelves and different textures for customization of the windows. Lightweight, easy and fast, www.60 and www.60 quick translate the need for simplicity in a project of living spaces.

Hadis, Onda, West: Ambostudio
Fattore Alfa  ambostidio e Grazia Azzolin

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