04 April 2013 The start of a new adventure

We’re here! Now on Social Media too. Because being present is the key to Archiutti’s new adventure.

So many ideas, so many challenges, so many projects have been born within these walls in more than half a century of the company’s history. And if we were to look for the one element that unites the many stages of Archiutti’s life it would certainly be the company’s consistent presence. Times and fashions have changed, markets have evolved to make new demands, but it is only through our continued presence that we have succeeded in finding new responses and innovative solutions every day.

For us, presence means many things: being present in the territory where we were born over 50 years ago, present in the market that demands continued renewal, present at the most important events  (such as the Salone del Mobile, as the upcoming posts on our blog will testify), but above all present through people.

Just as any of us seeks the presence of a friend who will say the right thing in a particular moment, we have throughout the years at Archiutti sought to be present through the many people who, in different ways, enter our sphere, listening to and valuing their individual qualities.

Product experts, sales people and communication managers, these are only some of the people who, through their contribution, have throughout these years kept alive the exchange and comparisons that have given birth to our continual improvement and have permitted us to respond in a real way to our client’s changing needs.

And now that the world of communication is providing us with new challenges, the moment has arrived to start our new adventure: to be present on the Social Media to listen and discuss design in the world of office (and not only), and above all to share and compare ideas, because only through the active presence of everyone can new and exciting ideas be born.

Join us on this new journey: welcome to this blog!

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