19 May 2014 The Signage: guide , inform and communicate the image of a brand

Hadis, Onda, West: Ambostudio
Fattore Alfa  ambostidio e Grazia Azzolin

Today we want to tell you about a new trend that is becoming increasingly popular : the signage .

Communication tool par excellence, the signage is used as a guide , to inform and develop the visual identity of a company.

The signage is expressed through symbols that are applied to walls , windows , stairs , mirrors , etc. and they are strongly characterized by a sophisticated design which is an identification of a brand .

The goal to reach is to achieve the maximum effectiveness of communication and meaning through the minimum graphic impact .

There is also the digital signage : the digital version that, for example , we see in the monitors of the subway stations.

But we should not think of the signage as a practice reserved exclusively for graphics and

designers, we are all accustomed to using this language, for example with the symbols of the collection waste or with the use of instant messaging.

Archiutti is also in line with this trend , and for the new headquarters of the Generali Insurance in Siena, we took care of the choice of furniture through the customization of the glass panels of the offices partitions.

A company like Generali with over 10 million customers who declares himself "tailor-made for you" is communicated in every detail, down to the choice of the preparation of their space !

The signage in this project is evident in the partition West, on which we find both the

company name and logo that characterizes it : the lion of St. Mark.

The winged animal , symbol of the insurance company, has always accompanied the Generali layout, and in this corporate headquarters confirms a path already taken by the company for a long time : to adapt to the new requirements of the times , in the social context , in the communication .

The lion symbol refers to the identity of the company , as well as the color Venetian red recalls the Veneto region and also helps to make the environment lively and uniform in the colors to the brand.

The signage at the Siena Generali offices manifests itself as a signature and match as a light game of transparencies which is well suited to our furniture because they allow to

"play" at various levels of transparency, but also on the insertion of colored elements.

The choice of furniture is in line with the partition walls and fell on three collections Archiutti :

Hadis with white structures and tops in melamine wood decor for the living room and meeting room ;

Fattore Alpha with polished aluminum structure and wenge wood veneer tops for the Agent’s offices ;

Onda reception counter in oak veneer with white frame for the reception .

The use of graphic signs , the choice of furniture and colors create a comfortable and productive work environment : all conspire to characterize and strengthen the identity of the brand.

As we have seen until now the signage says who should represent , not only for information , but also from the point of view of the image !

We had already addressed this issue a couple of months ago when we showed you how the image of

Amadori is also reflected in the choice of its offices; also in this case the Generali headquarter is characterized by a clear desire to engage and identify with the surrounding space , including the office world .

And you ? How are you with the signage language?


Hadis , Onda , West : Ambostudio

Fattore Alpha : Ambostidio and Grazia Azzolin

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