21 May 2013 The new office life: technological, customizable and interactive.

Each collection starts with an idea, a concept, which aims to be a creative but positively response to the need of the present time. Discover with us F.loat Office.


The global economic crisis, in addition to bringing serious consequences to workplaces, is placing in the foreground the importance of change in all professional sectors, not only in the way of thinking, but also (in our case) in the organization of the offices.

Our way of life is in fact rapidly changing, and this also affects the modification of any environment in which we live in, including the one in which we spend most of the day: the working environment.

Everything changes, and rapidly. The use of processing technology information diffusion is accelerating at all levels. Also the development of less constrained forms (and precarious)  is accelerating both in timing and in places, accelerating a temporal view of events much more in the short term, accelerating the need for openness and to be able to compare in informal areas of the office isolated from the operating activities and formal.

These were the motivations that have pushed us to change, to "re-invent" new things that do not directly and proportionally tie "quality-cost" in the traditional way, but would allow the user to decide individually how to distribute financial resources to 'internal environment, depending on the different needs.

F.loat O.ffice represents for us a first concrete measure to these reflections.

Premiered at the Salone Ufficio 2013 with Office F.loat we tried to create a "floating office", a system of integrated components for the operating office, designed for those oriented to technology, requires the simplicity of a support desk,a sitting place, a light source and the easy access to the network, favoring the need of autonomy (and sound insulation) but without hindering the need of interaction, increasingly perceived as necessary for the exchange of knowledge and creativity .

The images that show it at its best will be available soon, but for now you can browse through the photos of the shooting we made a few days ago.

What do you think of the result, dear friends? The area for comments is obviously at your disposal.

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