28 January 2015 The colors of Ar.tu

The innovation in the office world also goes through the choice of the color palette. Studying the indicated combinations has affects on the working environment as a whole.
Today we propose the palette used for the executive collection Ar.tu, a flagship product of Archiutti designed by architects Perin & Topan.
The palette is also a tool that brings together the colors based on the dominant and more relevant colors in order to focus the visual communication of color thus meeting our natural inclination to categorize what we see. For this reason the palette tool seemed the most suitable to explain our compositions.
We already talked about the color in the office, then we know that choosing the right color combinations can help give harmony and cohesion in the work environment.
The template for Ar.tu collection has been designed by architects Perin & Topan and it is based on a tonal palette characterized by a dichotomy between glossy and matte shades.
This marking effect, which is inevitably created when working on certain visual contrasts, is a strong characterizing element of the Art.tu range. This is much noticeable in the shiny metal details and in a more gentle and mild way in the use of the naturally opaque leather.
This duality between glossy and matte colors and materials is well expressed in the desk itself by revealing its function of space dedicated to the comparison. It defines two very specific areas: the user's office and that of the visitor.
Veneer opaque nuances are declined in three variants: American walnut, cooked oak  and the bleached oak. These shades create a balance and a sense of order that visually attracts the viewer.
The shiny shades used, like titanium, dove grey and white are especially suited to create a living environment. This choice of homogeneous and neutral colors makes the project not only much more visually pleasing but also more livable.
That of Ar.tu is a clean but refined design, always marked by a characteristic sign. The result is an absolute   simplicity in the display, which results in an ease of understanding and readability by the users and purchasers.
One of the most delicate aspects  when defining a palette is to verify the proper combination of the chosen colors, a single unfit hue may invalidate the whole project.
An interesting combination of Ar.tu is the use of a few but defined elements characterized by a bright and decisive color which makes the composition fresh and current.
These colors are Honey Yellow, Poppy Red and Dusk blue. Inserted for the niches in the bookstores and made ​​even more vivid by LED lighting.
What do you think of these pallets? Waiting for your feedback we review the appointment in February for the new post on our Magazine. Stay tuned on our social networks!

Product design: Perin e Topan

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