21 July 2014 The color in the office

Hadis, Onda, West: Ambostudio
Fattore Alfa  ambostidio e Grazia Azzolin

Ever sinceNewtondiscovered the Theory of Colours (1642 - 1727) a long time has gone by  ... even in the office world!

The color is a fundamental part of our existence and we are often unaware of the consequences that this has on us! It is not just a matter of desk chromotherapy but a vision of space as a working environment as comfortable as possible.


In all areas we study more and more advanced methods to meet the needs of the customer, electromagnetic windows that change color designed by lNREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) are an example of it!

It is not therefore to surround our self by our favorite color but to use the most suitable color for the spaces in which we live, in this sense, we can recall the abstract painter Kandinsky when he said:


"The color is a means to directly stimulate the soul"


If the color affects our mood, choosing the ideal color for a space where we passed eight hours a day is essential.

A proper preparation of neutral spaces and color spaces helps to give a good picture of the structure of the company in general.

As it is known Archiutti has a passion for wood and, consequently, for the natural color of this material.

Although the wood offers a wide range of natural colors we have not forgotten the importance of the color element.

The use of a particular color scheme has always been the characteristic of the presentation of our collections in the catalog:


blue for float office

green –alogn with vegetal partitions screens for -Hadis

total white for Neos and Ar.tu

red and yellow for Kayo


Color never becomes intrusive or aggressive, it fits quite smoothly in the context of enhancing the basic material with which the desks are in fact composed of decorative details, always  chosen by the same nuances of the desk . This helps to give a sense of continuity in the space designated at work


According to various theories on colors, the emotions they evoke in our person are as follows:



It 's the color of the earth and nature, is a neutral color and promotes a calm and relaxing state. This color is very suitable for the office, if you cannot color of the walls or the furniture just place some rich plant foliage to get the same effect.



White is a very special color because in its spectrum it contains all the seven colors of the iris. The feeling is that of transmitting freshness and brightness but be careful! A completely white environment could generate the opposite effect, i.e. of coldness and apathy .



This color is known for its ability to transmit tranquility - especially in the variant of light blue- is very effective as antistess-


It 's the color of passion and has an energizing function, not surprisingly many snack bars have this color on the package.

Red makes us open to dialogue and very active, so it could be used in cafeterias or meeting rooms!


What do you think? Do you find yourself in what we have said? But most of all ... what color dominates your office?

That said we wish you a happy summer (full of color), our magazine and our social will be back with you in September after the summer break!

Hadis, Onda, West: Ambostudio
Fattore Alfa  ambostidio e Grazia Azzolin

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