21 May 2015 Piero: the first labour merit star of Archiutti

Last May the 1st Archiutti celebrated Pietro Rizzetto. A worthy of praise collaborator that was in fact appointed “Master of Labor” and has been decorated with the " Labour Merit Star " bestowed by the President of the Republic.

 Pietro, known to most as "Piero" or "Pieretto", worked at Archiuti for fifty-seven years in a row; first making chairs and bar tables -as we told you about in our post a few years ago "A dream that came riding a bicycle" - then employed in the wider production of office furniture.

But not so much for the time continuity of work in the same company that Piero was honored as for his skills, expertise, hard work and good moral conduct that has always been pursued in the work place. The loyalty to the ideals of work was recognized to Piero. For years this has been reflected in his work at Archiutti contributing to the improvement of work procedures, security measures and educating and preparing new generations in the professional activity.

The award ceremony was held at the Toniolo theatre of Mestre. Here sixty five between men and women for the Veneto region received by the prefect of Venice, Domenico Cuttaia, the coveted Labour Merit Star.

There were civil, religious and military representatives authorities of the verious productive sectors.

As you can see in the photos at the bottom of the page the dec ration consists of a white color five-pointed star with white green enamel center and bears on its face a gilded silver relief depicting the head of Italy.

The excitement was palpable. According to Pietro, the day before the award was as excited as the night before his wedding and had gone completely sleepless... after all his work has always been like a second marriage for him!

 The ceremony was then followed by celebrations, intimate but lively, which saw some flying caps and many sandwiches.

 Among the many memories and anecdotes told that day I like to share this one with you :


"When I started to work I was very young and I was employed by Mr Dionisio, Tullio’s father. Once work began at an early age because families were in need to get by [...] Tullio, then twenty-five years old, said: " Who is this guy? I take it with me” He took me on his shoulders and carried me to work with him and taking away from his father who had hired me. "


We once again thank Piero for the indelible mark he left us and we hope that he is the first one  in a long series of Masters of  Labor "signed" Archiutti.

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