18 October 2013 The taste of woods, the knowledge of wood

Wood does not only represent the creative element for excellence, but also represents a challenge to produce different collections that are crafted with passion, through which it is possible to communicate knowledge, as well as taste.

We have already talked about the origins of this company and passion of Tullio Archiutti for metal as its main protagonist of his first collections.

When, in 1960, the company grew larger, it became almost automatic to place side-by-side wood with metal. Obviously, the same care and attention that until then was only given to the first element, began to be devoted to the second. Thus, metal processing paralleled that of wood, and factories to machine it (we are convinced that only by directly producing all the elements of a collection we can ensure the quality standard) became two.

The anecdotes that bring us back to those years are many. Some of us, present in Archiutti since then, remember when, in the various exhibitions in Europe who saw the wood as main player, Tullio walked around the various stands studying the work of skilled professionals in order to learn the techniques and perfect the products he would then trade. "We still need to improve in woodworking" he said, "our collections are good but we can do even better".

We are not the ones to be able to say whether this commitment has been achieved or not, but for sure we are comforted by the memory of one of our agents of Italian region Emilia who arrived in the company, " I saw Tullio bowed in silence to examine the beads (wood veneers that, when combined, cover the wooden parts of the collections), and asking him what he was doing. He replied that he was trying to combine the different parts so that, when combined, there was seamless and homogeneous in terms of grains and the effect of color response. He told me that it does not take much to join two parts of a bead, but few manage to do so, in the end, everything seems unique. In that moment I realized that in Archiutti not one breathes the taste for wood, but also the knowledge".

Even today, we are deeply convinced that a quality product can only be created if attention to raw materials, the desire to produce each component in the first person and, most importantly, the craftsmanship that, in our case, drives us every day to bow with expertise on the marbles to choose the parts to be joined coexist.

We continue to choose wood because we always recognize the value and prestige, and the resumption of its distribution, in recent years, has allowed the brand that made history thanks to the woodwork to come alongside new brand rediscovering techniques traditional and new, where the raw material is reinterpreted in form and in color combinations. In this way, it has given rise not only to new collections, but also accessories and iconic pieces that enhance the know-how in processing and natural materials.

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