26 September 2013 Office total look quality

Hadis, Onda, West: Ambostudio
Fattore Alfa  ambostidio e Grazia Azzolin

Details make the difference in every area , even in the office. When attention to these is combined with quality, functionality and aesthetics, the total look is renewed and, above all , the office becomes more productive.

Life in the office is a concept at the heart of many reflection and continuous insights that aim to make our work environment more comfortable and adequate for our needs . With pleasure we notice that more and more research highlight how a working environment of quality is not only a place where people live better, but more is produced .

What does it mean to invest in a quality office , but more importantly, where does one start ? The concept is very vast, and certainly the space of a post is not enough to treat it in all its facets, but certainly a quality office must combine functionality and aesthetics in all its parts , starting with the details and, why not, also in the complements .

This is why our very first post after the summer break is a short trip between accessories and particularities which enhance the total look of our office and that in recent months have captured our attention , from the holder  for PCs (or Macs) and for smart phones, thanks to Pijama can be transported safely and comfortably without sacrificing a touch of color and craft work that has made the success of this young and fresh brand.

We continue with the set for the desk, designed by Nava for those who like leather. With its sleek and minimal design, then we move on to smaller accessories, made by Muji who plays with the concept of transparency in the office .

And if your job requires high accuracy , you can’t miss the wooden ruler by Hay?

We believe that the attention to detail is  first and foremost a way of thinking, which naturally results in the realization of the working place , to which we give life by putting together the veneers with metals as in Ar.tu, where the steel blade marks the top to enhance the originality of the design of the desk.

From the floor to the structure is a short step , and so all the attention is catalyzed by Fattore Alpha, whose particular design made by the insertion of the top in the structure gives character to a system by clean lines. When, finally, the working day draws to an end , the need for security becomes a priority that we do not want to omit, and so here's the keys for cabinets and drawers made by a custom made mold .

A.C. Doyle argued that “the genius consists of an unlimited ability to take care of the details." If the attention to these , as well as a more functional and comfortable working environment, also means improving the productivity , then we have a double reason to continue to embrace this cause.

What do you say dear friends ? How important are the details for you in your work life ? You agree that working in a quality office improves performance and , consequently, the productivity ?

Hadis, Onda, West: Ambostudio
Fattore Alfa  ambostidio e Grazia Azzolin

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