06 May 2013 Discovering the world of the office

Continuing on this new web adventure, we bring you to discover what are the topics which will be discussed in this Magazine. Design, collections, our history and tips for living in a better way the office. These are some of the major topics that will bring to life in these pages.

The experience of the “Salone del Mobil”e with its buzzing frenzy has ended recently and, before turning to the various activities that await us over the coming months, we decided to stop for a moment and give you a preview of what will be discussed in this Magazine.

In these pages we will take you first to discover our collections, which are born with the specific aim to combine more and more design, refinement and comfort. These elements were also recognized  at the “Salone Ufficio” 2013 as fundamental for those who, like us, think that productivity and quality of life at work cannot proceed on separate paths (the project by Jean Nouvel is a living proof).

Moreover, behind every collection there are ideas, choices, and especially so many people who work with dedication, who for a short period, others for many years. Each company has its own history, its own peculiarities and, like every person, cannot be untied from its territory, to which has given and from which he received.

This magazine aims to be a space where you can talk about this too, what is behind that is the final result which is under the eyes of everyone, our presence at the events, the people we meet, how we look to the future and to what we have remained true over time. To meet the future and innovation, to which we are drawn to, is likely to be a big hole in the water if we forget to look at our past with respect and consistency.

Among these pages, there will be a space dedicated to tips and indications to make life better for those who, like many of you and us, spends most of their day in the office.

What do you say, dear friends, have we intrigued you a little '? There are other topics related to the office environment, would you like to read about it?

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