02 February 2017 New Finishes 2017: Brown, Copper, American Walnut.

Archiutti presents its new finishes:

Copper, Brown and oil painted American Walnut are the new finishes of 2017.

Contemporary tones both concrete and materic, with researched opaque and metallized effects, able to create an elegant structure adorning our selected surfaces, like wood, glass and aluminium.

At Orgatec – Cologne 2016 – this new balance between different materials was presented for the first time with its declination in the Toki reception:                         a new project designed by the architectural studio Perin & Partners, and a Fattore Alpha's executive setting completed with a reunion table.

After the official presentation those finishes were further declined over all the Fattore Alpha collection, our semi-executive line that, being characterized by a minimal style in its lines and in its drowned plane, is marries perfectly with this innovative palette and with the variety of combination that derives from it.

Let's look now into the details of the three coloration proposed:

The metallized brown was applied to the Fattore Alpha's polished glass plans, to its desks structures, its drawers and its containers, making the surfaces extremely bright and creating elegant executive settings and meeting rooms.

The American Walnut already excels in the Archiutti's collections, the innovation proposed today its in fact the oil painting, a particular treatment of the wood that exalts the veining and the warm amber shades of this natural material.

The copper metallized finish reveals and exalts the geometry of the shapes and of the structures, a functional and valuable insert – also employed for the top-access – that gives personality and brightness to the table's plans.

Archiutti proposes finishes up with the current trend of the metallized and materical colour, offering elegant and graphical solutions for a refined and also functional workspace where the finishes are an essential element used to obtain an exclusive and polished effect.

In order to propose these new offers we realized a leaflet as an insert to the Fattore Alpha catalogue, while the digital version will be divulged trough our newsletter and it will also be available on demand by mailingdircommerciale@archiutti.it

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