24 April 2013 Living Archiutti

An experience such as the “Salone del Mobile” requires the commitment of many people. The success of any business, in fact, is only possible when each person is willing to share his skills and professionalism for a common end result. So it happened for the trip to Milan, which today is told in the words of a particular spectator... 

Marta is a girl who immediately understand to be a "Archiutti doc" (with an important component of Vettoretto n.b.): direct and spontaneous style, she spent her first 25 years of life in contact with the family business, so that now can be defined not just an expert in the field but almost!
She also took part in the “Salone del Mobile”, and her thoughts about the presence of Archiutti in the “Salone Ufficio” have become a letter, which we report here below.

"Although I have approached the “Salone del Mobile” with a not particularly positive mood (deriving from anxiety arising from my thesis Master in Art Management and from a fresh fight with my younger brother), I find myself now to draw up with a completely different spirit this record, the result of what I have seen and experienced.

The “Salone del Mobile” was a short but intense experience: as soon as I exceeded the threshold of animosity and misinformation, a scenario to say the least fascinating opened up. The furniture exhibition is not just a mere container pieces of furniture of office, in it there is much more art than I thought. The name of Jean Nouvel, moreover, is nowadays a brand of quality and its Project "Work to live" had nothing to envy to many Venice Architectural Biannual, that I was able to visit.

The Archiutti stand was innovative, a mix between fresh design but functional and a strategic position to say the least. The impeccable work of the architect Mr.Cortivo D & T Hub studio with the contribution, for the styling, of Dogtrot communication and design studio, gave a twist to the already great material.

The furniture selection was broad and has been cleverly divided into a cozy but bright environment: a test that shows how the office should not be seen as a cool place, where to conduct some professional activities, but a place where to build part of our lives. The nuances and details decidedly “haute couture” have added an elegant touch to the exhibition space and the drawings of young Mattia Rossi, combined with the neo-surrealist sketches of neo-surrealist Masahiko Kubo, have crowned this union of office furniture and aesthetic refinement.

The entire Archiutti staff was professional and impeccable, led by CEO Mrs. Archiutti Matilde (my mom).

Since I am a very romantic person, I would add that this would not have been possible without the tenacious and decisive presence of Mr. Giacomo Vettoretto, living proof of the saying "he who endeavor wins" and member of an evolving but always united couple.

Given the number of contacts achieved globally, I’d would say that the week was a success and I am absolutely convinced that this will surely bring long-term benefits.
Having said this I would add that, even if my life and my school career will take me somewhere other than in this company, I cannot feel but proud of all they are able to create.

I left the exhibition serene and with thoughts turned to all those who are still here with us and those who do not anymore, who helped produce not only this event but the work of a lifetime. M.V."

The eyes of Martha were able to capture one of the elements that have always been our soul: to be present, each with their own specificity, to grow a reality that everyone feels part alive. Thank you for your words, Marta. And from all of us a great good luck for your future.

And what do you think, dear friends? Are you also convinced that when everyone puts their own for the successful completion of a task, the result far exceeds the sum of all contributions?
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