30 March 2015 Inspired by Radar

The subject we are going to talk about today is one of the most original achievements we have made in recent times: it fully reflects the mission of the company that commissioned us the job: Radar Leather Division

With over 50 years of experience in Radar, company located in Fucecchio in the province of Florence, it makes gun holsters of excellent finish and also belts and accessories .

Just like Archiutti, Radar creates products exclusively "made in Italy" . Referring to the Tuscan tradition, employing both traditional methods and using the famous "Vecchia Toscana" leather, is also using advanced materials and technologies.

The same structure is part of a segment that has been always specialized in tanning and processing the leather in Tuscany.

Radar has requested highly personalized offices for each individual agent but also characterize by the corporate branding.

The attention of Radar for safety and quality of work environments has been directed primarily towards the choice of our partition collection www.60 that, with the uniformity and minimalism of edge profiles along with the coplanarity of the glass and panels, allows alternating types of performance while keeping constant the image of the partition.

Collection www.60 unites multiple functions and performance allowing the coordination of elements and finishes even if very different in a homogeneous environment story. The connections between the surfaces aesthetic-structural are made ​​of transparent crystalline polycarbonate to ensure simultaneously the aesthetic continuity and the structural continuity of the partitions.

The use of neutral colors such as light gray, gray aluminum, ivory and white, both in the structures and in the complements allows to create intrinsically modern environments and to coordinate executive furniture with operative.

With this we told you everything and we give the next appointment on April with a new post on the Archiutti magazine and greet you with a phrase taken from the web site www.radar1957.it in which we recognize a lot our self :

 "Every day we seek new ways to think and build our products, new ways of imagining, designing, producing to improve"


Product design

Ar.Tu: Perin & Topan

Darch: ambostudio

www.60, West : ambostudio

Fattore Alpha: Grazia Azzolin e ambostudio

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