28 November 2016 Reception Toki

The argument we want to address today is research , presenting our new solution called TOKI.

Toki: Through a game of balance and dynamic volumes the design of our reception is brought about. Practical in the use and refined in presentation, designed by architect Gianantonio Perin of Perin & Partners studio and presented by Archiutti for the first time at Orgatec 2016.

Toki is a reception which manages the workplace according to the needs of today way of working. A modular and practical concept which starts from a central body and can be develop further by creating corners and combinations of volumes of different sizes and functions.

In a multi-functional office like today, you cannot miss cable management . The reception is predisposed for LED lighting, under top wiring and practical network and USB sockets above the work surface .

Comfortable niches are placed within the shelf to allow a place for everything to, from mobile phones to correspondence, creating an orderly working environment.

TOKI draws a quality environment and allows you to set up your a space according to ones character thus paying proper attention to privacy and allowing the operator the necessary concentration. a wide range of finishes and combinations to meet every need is expected.

In the picture it is presented with new material paint texture proposed in Cologne, metallic matt copper matched with American Walnut veneer, a researched, current and very elegant choice.

Come to visit us in our showroom if you like to experience our new product, we are waiting for you!

Design Perin & Partners

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