27 May 2013 Ar.tu, between contamination and customization

The actual transformation of the market influences also the work environments, that are increasingly showing a deep and evident change compared with the past. Not only for the Operative, but also for the Executive: Ar.tu comes from this idea. 

Not many years ago the common thought was that an efficient workplace should have been silent and the spaces clearly divided in different environments.  

The office of the Boss was intended as a separated and dreaded environment, where the owner played his power protected behind the desk, conceived as an extension of his own person and “hierarchical superiority”. 

Anyway as known, things change and the new design needs for the operative offices have led to develop new concepts and workspaces able to comply with the actual change, such as the development of new technologies that changed the information processing. 

In the executive environment the change is likewise evident: the importance of the desk as a tool to communicate the hierarchical position keeps being a need to affirm the status, intended not more as symbolic value but as a relational one, replacing the traditional pyramidal hierarchy with of a flexible network model of organization. 

In dealing the design of this last category of furniture, we do not deny nor exalt the status, but we interpret it according to the expectation of the executive profiles, matching the work approach and the constructive and productive technique with the new trends of life style

We are in a field of typological and expressive experimentation, responding to spatial and cultural needs where, as per Andrea Branzi,  “the style of the office has to represent a model that leads to aesthetic originality. 

Ar.tu comes from this vision, it represents an executive environment where new trends, such as contamination and customization, take place. People spend many time in the office, so, in order to make this place more comfortable, we introduce elements of the domestic environment that make more pleasant the work space through formal choices and natural colors more relaxing. Finally, we give flexibility to the diversification elements using materials and colours able to personalize the office environment.

From now on, go to the office of the Boss will be a pleasant meeting with the design and not a dreaded experience, what do you think?  As usual, the space to comment is at your disposal

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