05 June 2013 A dream born on a bicycle saddle

Which is the link between the office furniture and the bicycles and motorcycles production? Once creativity and determination melt together, even the hardest goal can be achieved. 

The “Giro d’Italia” , that ended few days ago, after crossing Veneto region, is an event that has the power to bring us back to the origins of our history. 

Before joining the word of the office furniture, the Archiutti name, in the province of Treviso, was associated to the manufacturing production of bicycles and motorcycles that were produced, earlier in the 20th Century, in a small workshop not far from Biancade Village.  

This is the place where Tullio Archiutti, daily in contact with his father business, gets into the bicycle world, and moved by a deep sport spirit, works to become a professional cyclist.  Although the successes come, the real fulfillment will arrive in a different unexpected way: indeed, these are the years that lead to concreteness, creativity and talent, so the young Tullio thinks that all the metal tubes used by the father to produce bicycles, could give life to a new product, as high bar tables and chairs. 

As a cyclist needs a team to achieve the goal, so Tullio succeeds in giving life to the first manufacturing production of high bar tables thanks to the cooperation of some apprentices of his father. The final result is appreciated and the business makes inroads, especially in the foreign markets, where Tullio often goes together with Mr. Piero, “riding on the saddle” of a van without heating, to deliver the goods to Austria, Germany and Holland.

It is easy in those years start a new business, but to bring it into success takes determination and coherence

For this reason, from one side Archiutti decides to dedicate itself to the business of the office furniture,  developping the manufacturing of metal and  wood in order to respond promptly to the market demand, and on the other side the Company decides to keep being faithful to its tradition by giving high importance  to the artisan manufacturing and to the raw materilas (as the wood).

Today, although many years have passed and generations have changed, these principles are still the basis of our choises and our actions: during a “Giro d’Italia” that makes us face new challenging stages, the team Archiutti, coherent and compact, goes ahead to reach the finish line. 

And concerning you, dear Friends, is there any sport feat that reminds, for some reason, your history?  Which ones? Let us known in the comments.

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