10 October 2016 Restarting from the origins to imagine the future

On the occasion of the exhibition that will be held in Cologne (ORGATEC 25-29.10.2016),
Archiutti anticipates, to the international audience, its new design route: it is in its own origins
that are sought the inspirations from which Archiutti is going to start proposing the ideas and the future
scenarios for the office’s world.

With a setting oriented to flexibility and formal lightness, Archiutti presents the Toki reception,
Ar.tu and Fattore Alpha with new trendy metallic finishes, in a space organized into islands defined
by the www.60 partition system. Thanks to a visual time-line, inside the stand it is possible to retrace
the most important stages of the company’s history, that sees its birth in the bicycles workshop.
From the metallic tubes of the bicycle’s frame the first furniture are born, to be then developed
to an industrial level in different collections.

It is precisely by taking inspiration from their origins that the new collaboration with the architect
Mariano Zanon has arisen; his system is addressed to the world of the designers, it follows the trends
and the configuration requirements of the work-spaces and it promotes craftsmanship, emphasizing
the handmade processing of the metal and the wood, as it happens in a true “workshop”.
In Cologne a preview of the idea that soon will become a new system branded Archiutti.

Cologne 25-29.10.2016
Hall 10.1, Stand H-031-G-030

Art direction and graphics
Zanon Architetti Associati
Marco Gaianigo
Renai & Renai (front)                                                                                                                                                                                                       design ambostudio

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